No more exit tax in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is known for many things; it lush jungles, amazing ocean sunsets and its bureaucratic bogs. This is often troubling to tourists but has also made Costa Rica one of the safest and most organized countries in Central America. Thankfully they have now stepped that bureaucracy back a bit by rolling a departure tax into the ticket price for those traveling by air. Vice president Helena Chacon announced on Tuesday that starting Dec. 3 the country’s $29 will now be included in you departure ticket.

This means one less step at the airport on your way home. The tax has been in place since 2003 and previously required travelers to go to a special counter within the airport for compliance. The tax could also be paid at Bancredito bank branches, or through various travel agencies. After much debate between the banks, the airlines, Immigration, the Airport Administration, the Finance Ministry, and the National Tourism Board, it was finally decided the best option was just include the tax into the departure ticket price, making it easier on travelers visiting this jungle oasis.

There were difficulties implementing this system in the past due to Diplomat Officials exemption to the tax. But now that the Immigration Administration and the Foreign Ministry are sharing a database of all peoples exempt to the tax they seem to have finally gotten the ball rolling. This is an essential tax for the modernization of Costa Rica’s airports administered by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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