Costa Rica rated the happiest place on earth..again

What do Costa Rica, Colombia, Vietnam, and Belize all have in common? According to “the Happy Planet Index” (HPI) these are the top four happiest places on the planet! If you’re looking for a change of pace or thinking of living abroad, you can’t go wrong with Costa Rica, its number one on the HPI’s list!

MoveHub has created a comprehensive set of online maps showing the happiest places to live on earth. MoveHub takes into account: Life expectancy, well-being, and Ecological-footprint when refining its data points into real world maps that give you the best information on how to find a place to live that guarantees a long and healthy life.

A high ecological-footprint can produce a lower standard of happiness as seen in many developed nations such as the USA. Though, MoveHub themselves admit that they do not include data related to international inequality and human rights issues tied to some countries ranked highly on their list. Thankfully Costa Rica is not one of those nations, they don’t even have an Army! Just another day in paradise.

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