Baywatch Jaco – Keeping our beaches safe!

The Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Municipality of Garabito made possible the integration of four lifeguards in Jaco Beach during Semana Santa. Marvin Perez, Rigoberto Villalobos Vásquez, César Herrera Samudio and Lizandro Porras Garita are the 4 lifeguards who keep swimmers visiting the beaches of Jaco safe.

These young heroes have also been outfitted with a state of the art lifeguard tower. Beach goers in Jaco have never had it so good. Not only does our little slice of beach have some of the best surfing in the world, but Jaco Beach now has the support and safety of and integrated beach emergency response team. So get out there and catch some waves knowing that the watchful eye of Jaco’s finest lifeguards have your back.

For More Information or if you are interested in helping support a similar program in Jaco, please contact the local Chamber of Commerce at 2643-2853.

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